Monday, October 25, 2010

I'd rather be...


Obviously right this instant I am writing. But this is just a quick writing. I want to be doing looooooooooong writing. The kind of writing where my mind is detached from my physical self and is plotting, constructing, dreaming and scheming. Alas, today that will not be.

As I've said before I am the Mum of two boys. We are home from a lovely weekend away and today I need to wash the clothes and restock the fridge, and, probably, pay my children some kind of attention. I need two selves (as a minimum).

I'm new to this blogging thing and am really excited and invigorated by it. By reading everyone else's blogs and writing my own. But admittedly I am struggling with how to fit this in with my real, physical life. I am a 'head' person. A daydreamer, a reader. Its hard to do this and be a Mum and wife. There must be a way because you are all doing it with such style, grace and elan! I will read and learn. If any of you need a mentoree then I'm your gal!

So excuse my quick, self-focussed blog entry today. Tomorrow and the next day I (semi)shamelessly have my two boys at child care ('kindy' for the almost 5 year old). Tomorrow I will burrow myself into the Shed, and into my head and worm my way out with hopefully some coherently worded sentences and fully realised thoughts.

Here's hoping!

Meanwhile I must convince the almost 3 year old that peanut butter and Vegemite (although wonderful on their own) really don't work in symbiosis.

Till tomorrow, take care.

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