Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Presents not just my presence will be required

My second son turns three early next week. (Three years of age going on about 15 years as far as I can make out from his attitude!). We live a fair distance away from our families, as in the 1000s of kms. Grandparents have already asked for gift ideas and so I have given out some that I've been able to rustle up. However, that has left me short of ideas for what to give him from us! I struggle to think of gift ideas for anyone, including myself when anyone asks me what I want. Although the older I get the more 'diamonds' seems to be a fitting answer.

I went to Toys R Us today and wandered the aisles seeking inspiration. As is often the case, very little was forthcoming. I just so resent spending $50 for plastic rubbish that serves only a single function - and a pointless and not very interesting one at that. A dancing Buzz Lightyear? What's the point? Surely any kid could use any doll and make it dance, at the very least in their own minds eye. And as for other horrendous toys to purchase, check out WordWigs blog http://biancawordley.blogspot.com/ for the hideousness of modern children's toys.

And given we live in a space of 54 m squared - including cupboards and furniture, less will have to be 'more' for the moment.

I have tried to get a gift that can fulfill each of my son's talents and interests - he is arty so I've got some paints and stamps (soon to decorate our walls no doubt); a bag of bouncy balls to satisfy his throwing and hitting urges (he's got better hand-eye coordination than his mother), a plastic lawnmower so he can mow the lawns (all 2.5 acres of it) with his Dad, and more Hot Wheels cars - because we can't seem to have enough.

Individually wrapped and included with the gifts that will arrive from grandparents and a few friends for a party, he will hopefully have a good day. And if that fails, he doesn't have long to wait till Christmas (*shakes head in gift thinking horror*.

How do you think of the right gifts?


  1. I've taken to asking the kids for gift ideas!! Got some face paints for them one year and that was met with approval!! Hope the birthday goes well.

    Love the pics of the "house" it looks like a gorgeous spot. Thanks for the link to the bigwords blog! x

  2. Good choices miss!! can never go wrong with cars and balls!!
    We have a set from bunnings which includes long handled shovel, rake and hoe.. and they actually work.. might be an idea for chrissy..