Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What does bread have in common with feminine hygiene products?

The things you read on a bread bag. 'At Helga's we like to make our bread happy and carefree'. Really? So apart from anthropomorphising a flour and yeast food product and endowing it with human emotions, they are marketing this product with the same lines that promote tampons and associated 'feminine hygiene' products?

I can picture it now... a sunny day, a sandy beach, waves crashing, a loaf of bread and a slimline pack of tampons frolicking carefree ... or windsurfing perhaps?

Whatever next?

What other odd ads like this have you seen?


  1. This made me laugh. Now I'll be checking every bread package I see.

  2. I saw an real estate ad in the local paper that described the house as 'eloquent'. Who'd want to live in a talkative house?

  3. Eloquent - beautiful! But no, not keen for a talkative house.

    I hate the use of the word 'classy' to describe anything. Instantly denotes all things utterly devoid of class!