Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who the hell is Hooli?

Who am I? Well, without getting all existential on yo ass (channelling Kanye West, how odd), these are a few random things about me...

  • I live on a hill but you probably guessed that. It is a hill in Central Qld. It is steep. Have not yet been stupid enough to try to climb it.
  • I live on said hill with a husband (mine) and two sons (both ours).
  • We all live in a 9 x 6 m shed. It is a shed with 1.5 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It has airconditioning. It is not a hovel. It is lovely.
  • One day we will build. Until then we live in the shed. Some people minimise to simplify their life. We minimised by necessity. Its fabulous. Divesting of unnecessary stuff feels good, especially if it can be used by others.
  • Three of the four inhabitants of this small space are alpha males.
  • I'm thankful for Lenore Skenazy because now I can re-badge my kids as 'free range' rather than feral
  • My kids' feet are 'tough as old boots'. They don't 'do' shoes. Sometimes they do clothes. We live rurally - no one to see :)
  • for me buying clothes from a posh shop is buying them at Target as opposed to Big W or the Salvos
  • I couldn't live without... a book on the shelf next to the toilet. If I'm sittin' I'm readin'.
  • I absolutely detest being read to. I inadvertently reserved an audiobook from the library last week and freaked out. Librarian said they're good for going on walks. That would mean I'd have to climb the hill. I said thanks, but no thanks. My inability to listen and absorb story and walk without falling notwithstanding.
  • I adore Stephen Fry and would not kick him out of bed, even if he had the misfortune to fall into it (he is gay after all and probably would rather not share the bed with heterosexual me). I'd even let him read to me.
  • I'd like to achieve more in my day than getting four loads of laundry washed and dried, although it is no mean feat in a wet Central Qld summer.
  • I don't do clothes dryers. I will do 3 clothes horses and a long piece of string strung up under the verandah. Will have my knickers on display if it saves the earth.
  • despite the fact I live on a hill and occasionally sit cross-legged, that is where the resemblance to any sage or prophet ends
  • is glad the neighbour's dog is a frequent visitor. It delays the boys asking for a dog of their own. Its like having grandchildren. Play with it then send it home to eat, crap etc.
  • I used to like ironing, once. Before I had a hubby with more business shirts than is humanly necessary
  • is entirely unsure why my husband suggested to my boys that I could darn the holes in their socks. A) a lie B) buy new socks C) not been done in the last 30 years.
  • likes that you can disguise laziness as 'instilling an independent spirit and self-sufficiency in my children'
  • is so lapsed a Catholic that I could be said to be prolapsed
  • we named our two sons after kings. I don't recommend it. It gives them ideas above their station
  • I love 'Grand Designs' as much as I love Kevin McCloud
  • Englishmen are my default position (phew, hubby has English mum). I blame Jane Austen, and Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice
  • has been searching for something and recently realised I already have it or am it. I've decided to stop making the simple, complex. I live the simple life others crave. I should just shut up and enjoy it.

So that's a bit about me. Hopefully I'll write a bit more about me. You can read if it you'd like.


  1. Can you post some pix of said shed? With or without naked free-rangers!

  2. Good one! Look forward to reading more!

  3. Pics of the shouse are up - no nudity involved :)

  4. I love this! I also love Kevin. I do not live in a shed, but in a Fibro (which is close enough). I think we are kindred spirits.

  5. Ello there Hooli from the land of gorgeous English men. Well they're not all gorgeous, but mine is. I met him when I was in holiday in Paris and a year later moved my kids, dog, cat and tens of thousands of books from NZ to England to live with him. It's been an adventure! Bit like your shed really. Love your shed and your writing style and just wanted to pop in and say 'gidday' and 'I'll be back'. Cheers Vix x

  6. Hi all, lovely to meet you and here of all places!
    Thanks for the words of encouragement - hopefully some well behaved children who can amuse themselves will be bestowed and some more words will flow...
    How do you find the time to carve out writing time from Mummy time?