Monday, November 15, 2010

Asking life's big questions...

Yesterday evening whilst dining alfresco on a sumptuous meal of home-made (man-made by hubby and the boys) pork schnitzels and red cabbage and apple, I was absent-mindedly peeling the label off the back of the beer bottle (James Boag if you need the detail). From across the table comes a sly wink and ‘how ‘bout it’ kind of look from my husband.
In my young adulthood (and probably a little bit before) it was decided by whom, I do not know, that peeling the labels off beer bottles was a sign of sexual desperation or as we’d probably have termed it ‘horniness’, or ‘gagging for it’ or something equally as sophisticated and erudite.
Being from South  Australia it was quite common to go out and see labels of Cooper’s Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale lying on pub tables, and occasionally stuck to the sweaty forehead of some utterly trousered young ‘un.
Your Shout!
It has been a long time since I’d drunk in a group of mates and certainly not among ‘young people’ for a long time and I was wondering, does this supposition, that label peeling is a deep-seated psychological indication of sexual neediness, still hold true today?
What do you think?


  1. Holy crap, I didn't know this and am an inveterate peeler of labels from beer bottles!

    Please, someone, anyone tell me this doesn't still hold the same meaning today!!!

    Felicity x

  2. I'm with you Felicity! Even if in the past it was a sign, it isn't now! Its a zen-like meditation trying to get the label off whole without ripping it or leaving too much paper on the bottle. Like peeling an apple in one whole long peel.
    Now running your finger suggestively around the rim of a wine glass, that's a different matter!

  3. I'm thinking if this was true my husband would be walking around with about 10 labels stuck to his head at all times! Kirsty

  4. I have heard this many times!
    And I try hard not to peel labels when the man is around. ha ha
    I just do it out of boredom! :D

  5. Women do it out of boredom - men read what they want into it. Typical!

  6. Ha ha - thats always been the belief around here! If you were absentmindedly peeling away at your label you got " ha ha...your sexually frusturated! " after which you'd turn a bright shade of red... which way be why DP only drinks cans .... no temptation to peel the label!

  7. I thought it was. But then I always want/need more sex no matter how much I'm getting!