Friday, November 5, 2010

I'd rather my child was gay than...

In follow up/ conversation with these preceding awesome posts Nerdy Apple Bottom and Woogsworld, I have come up with another list (damn my love of dot points) in response to those people to whom being gay or looking like anything they perceive as gay or effeminate is too much to accept.   This is at the risk of putting forward any of my own (mainly political) prejudices.
These are in no order other than how they sprang to mind:

I’d rather my child was gay than a heterosexual...:
·         bully
·         rapist
·         paid up member of the Ku Klux Klan
·         paid up member of the Republican Tea Party
·         Sarah Palin
·         wife beater
·         child abuser
·         person who is disrespectful to little old ladies or men
·         fraudster
·         armed robber
·         corrupt cop
·         that abuses their position of power or responsibility
·         unable to take responsibility for their own actions
·         who commits genocide
·         bigot
·         who destroys or denigrates the environment for their own gain
·         who claims to be Christian but lives a judgemental, closed minded life
·         member of the board of the Commonwealth Bank and voted for a doubling in the mortgage rate rise. (See Bern Morley's The only way is up - baby for a fantastic evisceration of banks).
·         moronic thug footballing type of any code who does what his mates do because he can’t think for himself
·         exploiter of others

I know from experience the difficulty gay people have in coming out, and in continuing to not be themselves to those they know won’t understand or accept them. It is such utter bullshit that they feel they have to do that.
I for one believe that homosexual couples should have the right to marry and to have children if that is their wish. When that happens it will go some way to de-stigmatising homosexuality or bisexuality or whatever.  When all people share the same rights and responsibilities then hopefully differences or variances in sexuality or any other aspect will be so utterly irrelevant as to not be a point of discussion.
It will start with us and our kids and we can make it happen.
Do you agree? Feel free to add more.


  1. Thanks for the support and what wonderful words. You should be a speech writer. I loved your bit about gay rights as well. Bravo! xo

  2. Agreed to the power of 29479201! Great post x

  3. Agree, agree agree. Man I just don't understand how, in this day and age, people have a problem with sexuality. Who cares, it's the way that people treat others that matters.

    Thanks for the mention lovely xx

  4. Agree wholeheartedly... although, to be honest, I would rather my child was homosexual than too afraid to come out as a homosexual. That's the bottom line for me. Visiting from the Fibro and I like your style!! x

  5. Great post! I love the passion. I would happily have a gay child than any of those things too. Popping past from Second Chance Saturday x

  6. Thanks gals :) xxx
    I can't believe I forgot the most obvious one:

    - I'd rather my child was gay than homophobic!

    Can't see the forest for the trees sometimes!

  7. I love your sentiment. I am bit concerned by the options though-
    gay or - rapist, klu klux klan, child abuser etc.

    In another context, it's like saying "Id rather hire a woman than a murderer, pedophile or a Nazi".

    But, I get what you're saying and agree with sexual choice and equal rights.

    I'd rather my child is happy and proud, regardless of their sexuality.


  8. Popped over from Life in A Pink Fibro. Yes, there are WAY worse things than my child being gay. Hey?

  9. Great post Hooli! :-) Thanks for linking up today.

  10. I would rather we just all let the children be imaginative and not link their choice of creative dress, interests, likes and dislikes to sexuality of any kind. If they are gay or not will be confirmed in another decade and hopefully the community will be much more accepting by then, but until then, let them be.