Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Semi-self imposed PC detox

The computer is stuffed... again! It has been playing up for months and months and has been repaired twice but to no avail. Think the monitor (LG - 2nd one to stuff up on us) is the culprit but can't prove it - all evidence thus far is circumstantial.

I'm currently on the pc at my lovely, awesome local library (I am the loudest, but FASTEST typer here!)

Have decided not to rush out to get the computer fixed. A) have better things to spend money on - bills (!), speeding fines (!!) and my big boy's 5th birthday. B) it is running my life instead of the other way around.

I am looking forward to the detox actually (although not completely stopping as my mobile phone has Tribe and can access FB and Twitter for free). However, no computer at home will hopefully give me one less but very big distraction. Time to actually engage with my two boys instead of thinking about something to Google. (Look up SunnyMummy for a great blog entry re 'engaging' again).

I've got lots to do this time of year, as we all do. My H's 5th birthday for one, and getting him ready for school the other. Uniforms to buy, trips to the school to get him acquainted. Can't believe I'm 'grown up' enough to have a school boy son!

Have finally decided on the school. Possibly the one that will be less convenient but the one that we think will be best for H. It has a separate little campus for the Preps, a Junior Campus (Yrs 1 and 2) and a Senior Campus (Yr 3+). I like the idea of little areas and moving campuses as a way of moving up the year levels. It seems a lovely little (700+ kids!) so far.

So I will be endeavouring to enjoy some 'dis'connected time from technology and a reconnected time with what is truly important. Hell, I may even do some housework.

So until I come into my lovely library again, wishing you good health, wealth and happiness.


  1. How was I not following you? I've been following you on twitter for all that time?! Glad you got the school stuff sorted. Kirsty (Shamozal)

  2. I thought you were following but glad you've (re)joined. :)

  3. I had a tech-imposed computer hiatus earlier this year and I must admit it did help me to notice things that had previously been ignored by my screen-squared eyes....although who really wants to see dust bunnies I ask you?

    Great news about the school, always a big decision and a huge relief when it's locked in.

    Enjoy the day, whatever it may hold,

    Felicity x