Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Saturday I am grateful for...

In keeping with Maxabella Loves ‘this Saturday I am grateful for:
·         Modern medicine – hello anti-depressants!

·         For friends near and far, relatively new and those I’ve had for more or less half my life. For reading my posted-unposted-posted-unposted blog entry about the return of my little black cloud of depression. Who gave me ‘we’re thinking of you’, ‘we’ve been there’, ‘you’ll kick its butt’ words of encouragement and support. A kazillion thank yous

·         For my husband. The eternal optimist, the conqueror of problems head on. For him coming to realise that listening is helping, and that giving me a hug is a powerful black cloud combatant

·         For my boys for being joyful and silly and funny and loving. You’ll get me through.

·         For the Beyond Blue website for all its information and assistance. And especially for this little reminder about why I am prone to depression
             High-risk personality being: 
·         A lifelong worrier
·         A perfectionist
·         Sensitive to personal criticism
·         Unassertive
·         Self-critical and negative
·         Shy, socially anxious and having low self-esteem.

A good reminder so that I can keep those rampantly negative, nasty, pessimistic thoughts at bay
·         For all the blogs whose owners admit their own depression. So comforting to know we are not alone. For blogging full stop for giving an outlet to creativity, self-expression, a safe place

Today I am especially grateful that my husband is doing the grocery shopping (he is much better at it) and who is braving the barbershop with Mr 3 who vocally and vociferously detests getting his hair cut. Thanks Hon! x

If you or anyone you know is showing signs of anxiety of depression. Beyond Blue is a great resource.


  1. Love this post, thank gawd for anti-d's! Without them, I might be abit more crazy ;)

  2. Thanks Miss Holly for being one of the brave blogs I read :) xx

  3. Hey gorgeous HooliDooi youli!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving some sunshine at my place, it was lovely to read and meant that I could follow you back to yours.

    Thank you also for this post, it resonates deeply and I was most impressed with the BB list of predispositions, I could tick at least four.

    Here's to a brilliant weekend!

    Felicity x

  4. Thanks Felicity :) I can tick most of the list too. Alleluia for lists! x

  5. Hope you have lots of happiness in your heart today. xxx

  6. Such a brave and wonderful post!

  7. I like your style, Hooli. So open and heartfelt and, best of all, shared. Thanks for linking up today and playing along. You're a special person to feel grateful in the midst of your battle. x

  8. Thanks for your honesty. My black dog is sleeping by my feet at the moment... I hope he stays that way a while.
    It's not an easy thing to wrote about and be brave enough to publish, but I'm glad you did... makes me realise I am not alone.. and you are not either. x

  9. Glad I found this blog - very brave of you to have posted. I think I have a grey dog - he doesn't quite make the black criteria but still makes life impossible. Beyond Blue are amazing aren't they?

  10. Very helpful & encouraging. I must admit I once felt depressed when my child was born but did my best to fight it off. And I'm grateful I overcame it. Keep strong.

  11. Very beautiful, brave post ...we have a sleeping (i hope) black dog at our house too.
    I am grateful that modern men seek help for their depression.
    My little boys did that with umbrellas in the rain last week ...too cute.

  12. I am actually afraid to see any medical help - I am not sure if i really need to and am not sure of antidepressants. How did you know when you needed them? Thanks

  13. great post and honest! just found your blog and im now following xO

  14. Thanks girls. You've made my day.

    'Clip Cafe' = don't be afraid to ask for medical help. The fact that you're even thinking you might need to is a good enough reason to go and ask. It was nervewracking to go to the GP and ask for help and I'd 'been there and done that before'. Go to the Beyond Blue www on this link and do their diagnostic tests - that might help you decide.
    You are not wasting the GP or anyones time in bringing depression up for discussion.
    I knew I needed them when I felt angry and frustrated and kind of empty for a months on end. I live in a small space with my family and radiating anger doesn't help the household!
    1 in 5 women experience depression, so it is nothing to be ashamed of. You're better of seeking help and not needing it than needing help and not getting it.
    Good luck!